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Neon Swim Buoy Tow Float -Hydration Control


What makes this product different:

•World’s only Swim Buoy with built in bladder pack for staying hydrated during long swims.

•Hydration hose with bite valve.

•High Visibility Neon orange colour for safety when swimming outdoors

•Adjustable waist belt

•Capacity of 1 litre of fluid able to be stored.


Designed with the long-distance swimmer in mind, this buoy allows a swimmer to keep hydrated whilst swimming in open water whilst improving the visibilityof the swimmer at the same time.It is essential to stay hydrated, especially when swimming in a wetsuit. This is the only style of buoy which allows access to regular drinks breaks during long swims in open water.


Most triathletes drink regularly during cycling or pool swimming –it is essential that this is maintained when open water swimming too.Once inflated the buoy forms a reservoir in the middle which stores the 1 litre 0.3MM TPU bladder pack. This connects with a drinking tube with bit valve to allow quick and easy drinking of fresh water or energy drinks.


The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains outside of your stroke range whilst swimming. The buoy is essential to all open water swimmers who want to stay hydrated during a longer swim, or anyone who wants extra visibility when swimming in the open water. When the buoy is lying flat the internal area of the bag measures 48cm x 36cm.




•Fill the bladder pack with your choice of liquid.

•Inflate the buoy using the mouth piece with the bladder pack inside.

•Attach the waistband.

•Get swimming!

Zone 3 Hydration Safety Buoy

£38.99 Regular Price
£29.24Sale Price
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